Sunday, November 4, 2012

"My street - My Help" project by HH4P-HYD Org.

  • We team "HELPING HANDS 4 POOR" a Non-profitable helping NGO have started adopting ORPHANAGES in different locations/areas . Till now we have conducted 39 Events, Arranged scribes,health camp etc., Now its a time for 40th support. But It is very Different than other Events.

    Main motto of this project:
    we can't provide food for all days to poor people, but we can provide tasty food for 1 day to old people in our street. they have ending stage in life, so better to provide tasty & health food for 1 day. its
    giving more happiness to old people in this stage. so please recognize & find out some old people in your street(be side temples, bus stops etc), meet up at 1 point and take the food packets, and next distribute food packets to one by one another volunteer(near places), finally every one can donate food packets in our street in hyd.

    Remember one thing, its not easy to implement, but its easy when u cross all risk situations with out expect anything, ( your risk position is equal to fulfill poor people's hungry) but its more helpful for old people. Team work never fails, getting more good results other than individual. and we can better to interact with old people, try to find out any chances to join them in old age homes if its possible. In this process, we can increase our good attitude levels when u interact with poor people.

    Food packet contents:
    3.Butter milk.

    (if we get more funds then better to increase menu).

    if any body wants to give the funds for this project Then contact
    Kiran : 8099523135

    Open for everyone . U can be a volunteer.

    For Details Chk Our Official Fan Page

    For details about this project contact:
    KISAN RATHOD - 8121278218

Helping Hands 4 Poor
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